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Acıbadem University is a thematic university in field of health which is founded by Acıbadem Health and Education Foundation in 2007. Reflecting the Acıbadem Culture that is based on quarter-century experience and knowledge in healthcare to higher education, the university aims to educate healthcare professionals, who are qualified and open to continuous improvement, through strong academic staff and sophisticated technologic infrastructure. Students and healthcare professionals are educated in the CASE that is available in research-oriented Acıbadem University and one of the most comprehensive clinical stimulation centers worldwide.




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Roy Mehta
Roy Mehta

" I have recommended Medijourn to many people over the years. I feel like this team really cares for me."

Keshav Roy
Keshav Roy

" I have recommended this medical value travel to many people over the years. I feel like this team really cares for me."

Gaurav Desai

Gaurav Desai