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A skilled workforce working towards the globalization of the healthcare sector. Medijourn is a medical value travel platform that partners with renowned hospitals around the world to create an organised ecosystem to improve patient treatment outcomes and enhanced experiences. The motto exceptional care every step, is the goal for inspiration and purpose. MediJourn ensures convenient access to exceptional healthcare services and specialist consultations without any hassle. The provision of world-class facilities extended to each and every person in need of healthcare at the most affordable rate is what MediJourn strives to achieve.

Pioneers of medical value travel, the best there is to offer treatments for Neurology & Spine, IVF & Gynacology, Cardiology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Transplants and more.

Introducing Apollo hub, a network of information point offices that enhances your experience of accessibility and feasibility of medical care with Medijourn and its counterparts.

About Our Strategic Partner

Founded in 1983, Apollo Hospitals Group is Asia’s largest healthcare amalgamation with a total of 75 hospitals worldwide. This group has touched more than 120 million of has a team of more than 11000 Doctorsover 50 specialities globally, recognized, accredited, highly qualified and experienced physicians.

International patients are being treated at 8 JCI accredited world-class facilities located in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.


To establish an Indian Multinational Company for the Medical tourism Industry by building a creative and diverse global team of professionals striving towards providing world class healthcare with clinical excellence and wellness experiences for patients across the globe through strategic partnerships with the leading healthcare brands in the world.


To be at the forefront of globalizing the healthcare sector by facilitating a robust medical Value travel ecosystem with more than 5000 dedicated professionals aiming to enhance the quality of life for a million patients by 2030.

tourism in india

Always welcoming, India is a land of infinite diversity that offers something different on every visit. India is famous for its ancient history, colourful landscapes and diverse cultures.

The famous American writer Mark Twain once said: “India is the cradle of mankind, the birthplace of human language, the mother of history, the grandmother of legends, the great-grandmother of traditions.”

History unfolds as one travels across this vast country. Witness a timeless past with the remanence of palaces, forts, temples, mosques and churches that recall the glorious traditions, culture and wealth that make this subcontinent a prime choice for explorers.

This world needs a fresh vision of healthcare in India, as evidenced by our Prime Minister’s rallying cry to “Heal in India”, a comprehensive and proactive system, and system that maximizes the quality of life. We will be able to succour a lot more individuals from all over the world here in India thanks to the “Heal in India” project. The initiative will be launched on the foundation of the Indian philosophy of ‘Seva’ ‘सेवा’, which means service and ‘Athithi Devobhava’ (अतिथि देवो भवः) meaning our guest must receive divine treatment of hospitality.

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