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What makes Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital stand out in cancer care in Chennai?

February 21, 2024, admin

Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital in Chennai offers organ-specific super specialty services for a wide range of cancers. With a focus on patient-centered care, the hospital boasts a 300-bed capacity and is NABH accredited. Its key features include: Advanced Technology: The hospital provides state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and radiation therapy, ensuring the most effective treatment options for patients. Renowned Specialists: An Oncology team consisting of renowned specialists leads the fight against cancer, ensuring expertise and experience in every aspect of cancer care. Tumor Board Approach: A multidisciplinary Tumor Board, comprising medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, collaboratively evaluates each case to determine the most suitable treatment plan for individual patients. Personalized Cancer Therapy: Treatment plans are personalized based on individual patient needs, with the Tumor Board and diagnostic consultants working together to devise the best course of action for optimal outcomes. Comprehensive Support: Beyond medical care, the hospital offers support from a range of professionals including medical counsellors, speech therapists, and dieticians, ensuring holistic care for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Bone Marrow Transplant Expertise: Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital is one of the few centers in India equipped for bone marrow transplants, with the ability to perform searches for potential unrelated donors and consistently achieving excellent outcomes in transplant procedures.

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